all of the polishes i want but dont have, not all neccisarily hard to find, i just dont have them.

Candid Cameron- Nicole by O.P.I.

Good As Gold- Essie

Fly- Nicki Minaj for O.P.I.

Russian Navy- O.P.I.

O.P.I. Skyfall Collection

Moon Beam- by spectrum cosmetic on etsy

Dark Matter- by spectrum cosmetic on etsy

5 Golden Rings- by spectrum cosmetic on etsy (no longer available in shop :,[ so sad)

Oui- Orly

Royal Navy- Orly

Cotton Candy- Orly

Lemonade- Orly

Julieanne- Zoya

Sprung- OPI

A Million Sparkles- Nicole

Aqua Lily- Rescue Beauty Lounge

lynderella- Stars in Her Eyes

basically any indie polish actually. i dont have time to list all of the indie polishes i want XP

Ulta- Whatever Floats Your Moat

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