Day 13- Ruffian Mani

I had never done a ruffian mani before, so this was my first attempt!

I guess it turned out alright, I havent really been a fan of this design in the past but it is kinda cool! I’ll probably try it again. For this one, I used foils and then painted over them with a dark grey and put a matte coat on the grey. Looked pretty cool, but I didnt keep it for very long!










Also, I DEFINITELY could have cleaned up better on this one! oh well, whats done is done I guess :/


Base Coat- Essie Grow Faster

Titanium Shimmer (foil)

Fantastic Teal (foil)

Top Coat- Seche Vite

Revlon- Moon Candy

Top Coat- OPI Sephora Matte Top Coat


Day 30- Inspired by a Tutorial

Okay, so I guess I kind of cheated a bit on this one, its not something that REALLY needs a tutorial, but since my foils came in the mail, I looked up a tutorial so I could do these nails today… ;P 

I got them from and so far, i love them! they are awesome and sooo shiny and pretty! ah! 

tried to take some pictures that would show the shiney-ness

and here is a picture of all of the foils i got (5 ft in every little bottle)  and for just $25! yay! cant wait to use them all!

Colors Used:

Base Coat- Essie Grow Faster

Ice-Blue Crush

Ocean Mist

Gold Dots


oh and um heres the tutorial….