Hello again!

Wow I haven’t posted since January! I guess I’ve been a lot busier this semester than I planned to be! I’ve still been doing my nails, but not creatively, I just like having something on them even when I’m busy!
I’ve been doing school work and film work, driving up to LA (1:30 hour drive one-way) and working on set (12 hour days) doesn’t give me much time to work on my nails, unfortunately!

Earlier this week I did get a bit of free time to do my nails, here is the result!





For these nails, I just layered alternating curvy stripes over each other until it looked cool enough to make me happy! The whole thing took about 30 minutes including drying time, which I was pretty happy with!

I used:
•Nailtiques- Formula 2 as a base coat
•Revlon- Dreamer
•OPI- Slushied
•Sally Hansen- Calypso Blue
•Revlon- Super Powered

Well that’s all for now, hopefully I’ll post again a lot sooner than 5 months from now! See you soon! 🙂

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