Hello Again!

Hi everybody! I’m back!!! I have been doing my nails, but didn’t have time to post anything and most of the time it was nothing special anyway! I got a job at Yogurtland and started school, so i’ve been pretty busy! I’m going to jump right in to Chalkboard Nails’ 31 Day Challenge, so you’ll be seeing me a lot in the next month! 😀


I’ve added a few pictures of my nails from the past few months (the ones I could find anyway!)




Inspired by the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland





My brother (age 16) drew on my gold nails because he was “bored” (we were checking in runners at the Disneyland Marathon at 3 am :O



Got some knockoff “sticks and stones” type top coat.(50¢) I’m in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




my go-to fave…cheetah print!! the color inside the lines was purple but it didn’t show up at all in the pictures!


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