Gold Award

I have been a Girl Scout for 13 years and I recently acheived the highest award in Girl Scouts, the Gold Award. I painted my nails gold for the Gold Award Recognition Ceremony I went to and since I was trying out my fake nails, I decided to semi-copy Jacqui (and Adele) and do a Louboutin inspired look, but with gold instead of silver:

DSCN8301 DSCN8302 DSCN8303 DSCN8304 DSCN8309

I think its a little obvious that they arent my real nails from the side, but i didnt really shape them to fit because I just wanted to see how they looked just without anything done to them. Excited to wear the other ones for prom! šŸ™‚

Revlon- 24K

Revlon- Bikini Red

no top coat or base coat


11 thoughts on “Gold Award

    • Thanks! I had them plain gold then I thought of the ones you did and I realized that would be perfect! šŸ™‚ and thank you very much, I’m really proud of it and thankful to everyone that helped me get it

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