Hello! As some of you may know, I work at a Summer Camp up in the mountains near where I live and I’ll be spending the summer there! I leave tomorrow and I won’t be back until July 3-6, then after that I’ll be gone until August! I haven’t really been posting much but now I will be posting even less! I did one last mani before I leave tomorrow and here are some pictures! hopefully it will last at least a few weeks haha! i will see you all in August!






I haven’t posted in a while!!! Here’s some matte cheetah print I did a few days ago, changing it up today but I figured i might as well post it first!




Ulta- army of 1
Revlon- 24k
Wet N Wild- Black Créme
Opi matte top coat


I was at CVS today and I found two “I need a refresh-mint”‘s that were two different colors. I wanted to buy them and test them out to see if they actually look different, but I can’t afford that, especially because I already have one of that color!
Does anyone know why this happens and have you seen something similar?


Gold Award

I have been a Girl Scout for 13 years and I recently acheived the highest award in Girl Scouts, the Gold Award. I painted my nails gold for the Gold Award Recognition Ceremony I went to and since I was trying out my fake nails, I decided to semi-copy Jacqui (and Adele) and do a Louboutin inspired look, but with gold instead of silver:

DSCN8301 DSCN8302 DSCN8303 DSCN8304 DSCN8309

I think its a little obvious that they arent my real nails from the side, but i didnt really shape them to fit because I just wanted to see how they looked just without anything done to them. Excited to wear the other ones for prom! 🙂

Revlon- 24K

Revlon- Bikini Red

no top coat or base coat

Prom Nails

My nail wraps that I ordered didn’t come in time so I just hand painted my fake nails with acrylic paints a few days before prom. It was pretty easy to get ready without worrying about my nails, and then sticking them on right before Josh came to pick me up! Very easy, but I still prefer my natural nails for everyday things 🙂

Here are my prom nails, painted to match my shoes!

DSCN8316 DSCN8317 DSCN8318 DSCN8319 DSCN8320 DSCN8321

here are the shoes they were based on,

970275_10201230731839139_1379298844_n  shoes4

kind of a bad picture, but you can see the pattern! now, heres some super cute prom pics for you all to look at:

Screen shot 2013-06-02 at 4.37.45 PM 7288_4765829276070_1943637290_n 181283_4765852836659_1528253948_n 601782_4765852356647_1908783423_n

awww we are adorable, I know. 😉