Day 4- Inspired by Elie Saab

Today was inspired by Elie Saab. Many of his designs have plunging necklines, so I decided to integrate that into my mani, it didnt really turn out very “deep” but I thought it still looked very classy and I have already gotten compliments on it! 🙂

heres the dress:


and here are my nails:

DSCN8174 DSCN8175 DSCN8176  DSCN8178 DSCN8179 DSCN8180


I’m really happy with this design, especially because i freehanded it because im too impatient to tape it and it actually turned out good for once! haha!


Base Coat- Essie Grow Faster

Essie- Jazz

Spoiled- The Parking Meteor Expired

NYC- Precious Peacock

Top Coat- Seche Vite


See you in a few days! 🙂


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