Day 3- Inspired by Stéphane Rolland

I know, I’m a day late, but I was out doing mothers day things with my family all day yesterday, so I didn’t get a chance to post! 

I based my nails off of two different outfits. almost all of his designs are monochrome, i think the only colors i saw other than black/white/gray were red and gold. I based my nails off of these two outfits: 



and here are my nails:






Its kind of messy and my cuticles are super dry but there you go. I still like it 🙂

Colors I used:

Base Coat- Essie Grow Faster

Wet N Wild- French White Créme

Confetti- Black Licorice

Milani- Art of Gold

Top Coat- Seche Vite

Feel free to enter your own designs here:

and I’ll see you again tomorrow! 🙂


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