Day 20- Border Mani

Well I wasn’t really sure if this was supposed to be like putting dots or glitter around the border or what I did, google showed me both options, so I went with the easy option 😛 I totally love these colors together, this blue is the same color as my senior prom dress! 🙂 So pretty!

DSCN8027 DSCN8028 DSCN8029 DSCN8030 DSCN8031 DSCN8032


Base Coat- Essie Grow Faster

Revlon- 24K

H&M- Come Along With Me (can you tell im a little obsessed with this one)

Top Coat- Seche Vite

Also, I just need to rant for a few seconds. I just moved and I am in the process of fixing up my room, which used to be an office, and I just need to say that these blinds need to GO!!! They are the typical office type and they don’t go with my room, but thats not why I’m annoyed by them, they are loud and when its windy, they are dangerous! they have already spilled a container of nail polish remover ONTO MY LAPTOP. good news, everything is okay and I even got a lot of it back in the bottle (there wasnt much in there anyway!) but AGH. They are terrible. Although they do look kind of pretty in the picture I am about to upload:

Evil Blinds

Yay. so theres my terrible blinds. okay i’m done ranting now. I just had to tell someone how annoying they are 😉

also, heres my senior prom picture, the color totally matches!

282784_4055107024826_346344403_n dawwww hot cute are we 😛

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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