I FREAKING LOVE GLITTER. Sorry. I just do. Today is glitter on glitter on glitter on glitter. Unfortunately, it doesnt show up very well in the pictures, but it is GLITTERY.

I started with a fine glitter, then I added a jelly base with small glitters in it, then added another layer of the first glitter, then covered that with a glitter that had fine and medium coppery hex glitters in it. AH. ees bootiful. alright heres the pics:


heres a macro of the glitter so you can sort of see how it looks in real life. or at least imagine it:

DSCN8044 ehh this is as “macro” as my camera gets. its okay i guess 😛

Okay it doesnt really look like it in the pics, but trust me, these are glittery okay?!?!


Base Coat- Essie Grow Faster

Spoiled- Use Protection

Spoiled- Deeper Dive

Pure ICE- Watch Me Go

Top Coat- Seche Vite

Also, can I just point out how funny those polish names are, especially together?? 😉 alright I’m done.


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