Day 18- Sugar Spun

I have never tried this before, just like yesterday, but this time I actually decided to try it out! I think it turned out pretty well and I even got some compliments on it! 🙂 I’m definitely going to do it again, even though the polishes I used took quite a long time to become stringy enough!

My cuticles are looking so much better than they were when I first started this! ah! 🙂

Colors used:

Base Coat- Essie Grow Faster

Revlon- 24K

Color Club- Nomadic in Nude

Sation- Seriously Slate

Top Coat- Seche Vite (most pictures taken before top coat…I think)


I’m so excited for next week!!! Two reasons: 1. I just ordered 4 polishes from and got a pretty sweet looking makup bag with stuff inside for freeee so I’ll review that when it comes in! 

2. I have a job interview on Monday! It’s for a beauty desk sales representative at a large department store, but I don’t want to give more details just because this is the internet and meh….but I am really excited and nervous! 😀 I will have to find the perfect mani to wear to my interview, but I’ll probably keep it simple! 🙂 (although monday is neon day. oh well, neon madness will have to wait!)  

see more great polish designs right hurrr:


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