Day 7- Rainbow

So…..I guess I went a little crazy with the loose glitter today…it sort of looks like a unicorn threw up all over my nails….if you are wondering about the “L” on my finger, thats me doing an experiment as to which substance makes loose glitter stick better. On my right hand, I put foil glue and let it get tacky before putting the glitter on…on my left hand, I just put a little Seche on and sprinkled the glitter on there and I’m going to see which one stays on better….unless I decide to take this mani off sooner than sunset. It is very glitter-tastic, i’m sure it doesnt show up in the pictures, but let me just tell you…its pretty bad. Well good I guess, if youre a unicorn….


Base Coat- Essie Grow Faster ♥

Color Club- Cadillac Red ♥

Sally Hansen- Sunkissed ♥

Color Mates- Golden Sunshine ♥

Revlon- Wicked Star ♥

Sephora by OPI- Slushied ♥

Color Mates- Blue Thunder ♥

NYC- Lexington Lilac ♥

Top coat- Seche Vite ♥


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