Day 4- Green

This one turned out pretty lame, but I had good intentions I swear! I painted my nails green then layered a sheer duo-chrome ove it, then I made a cool looking texture by touching the polish with my finger, just before it was dry…I think the Seche Vite kind of smoothed out the ridges but it did look cool and textur-ey I swear! The first pictures are without top coat, the last one is with. Oh well, at least I only have to have these boring nails for one day! 😛








Colors Used:

Essie- Grow Faster

Revlon- Wicked Star (which i almost spilled all over my computer EEP)

Wet N Wild- Gray’s Anatomy

Top Coat- Seche Vite

EDIT: after looking at my nails, I realized that the pink tone in the duochrome matched a pink glitter i have so i added it and i like them a lot better now, although they are still very simple! 

you cant really see the pink tone very well, but I can assure you, it matches in person!  


it totally looks like the polish is already chipping but i think thats just thie shine or something, because its not chiping, i swear! 


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