Day 25- Inspired by Fashion

I am terrible at “fashion” I have never really been able to tell if anything is in or out or why, the only fashionable thing about me is my nails, and I can tell when colors match or look good together. I guess the “artsy” side of fashion I understand, but trends and wierd styles of clothes and all that goes way over my head! I guess that explains why I was stressed for today, because I had absolutely no idea how I was going to do my nails inspired by fashion!

I trusted google with my decision, and i searched “spring 2013 fashion” I considered typing March fashion, because it all changes so quickly, but I still found some pretty cool things, which I would probably never wear outside of walking down a runway. Which aint happening for me, let me just say that right now! I typed “wearable spring 2013 fashion” and that was just what I wanted! I found a pretty nude colored dress with a cool neckline, and then I painted a design that reminded me more of a blouse than any dress, but hey, those are back in style now too right? sure.



Base Coat- Essie Grow Faster

Essie- Jazz

Revlon- 24K

Milani- Black Sketch (which is getting dry and clumpy, makes no sense, ive only had it since Christmas, whaaaaaat)

Top Coat- Seche Vite


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