Day 22- Inspired by A Song

Today I used my boyfriend’s suggestion to base my nail design on album art. I didn’t use the one that he originally suggested (Joe Satriani- Surfing With the Alien) although that one would have been really cool, I didnt have the perfect colors for it. lame. But I did choose a pretty cool one, I think. I chose Circa Survive- On Letting Go. I made a design based on the design that is on the balloon on the album cover! I like it, but I was a little rushed and I think if I had taken more time it would have turned out a little better. Its still pretty cool, in my opinion!

Here is the original album art:

right hand (with CS for Circa Survive)

left hand, with the girl from the front on my ring finger…woah the colors are weird in this one!

close up of the girl/fire nail

close up of the CS nail


and here is the song!


colors were:

  • base coat- essie grow faster
  • OPI- Slushied
  • NYC- Lexington Lilac
  • Sally Hansen- Sun Kissed
  • Sation- Hot 4 Teacher (red of the fire)
  • Love Charlotte XO- Yellow (yellow of the fire)
  • Wet N Wild- Wild Card (designs on balloon part)
  • Color Mates- Florida Sunset (girl’s dress)
  • Color Club- Nomadic in Nude (“CS”)
  • Wet N Wild- French White Créme (girl’s legs)
  • Milani- Black Sketch (tangled balloon strings)
  • Top coat- Seche Vite

also, what happens when I get my paycheck? i save it in my bank account tucked safely away where it should be.

no, i go out and buy nail polish!


at least I only spent $10….i could have done way worse damage!

today i got:

  • Wet N Wild- French White Créme (yes I finally got another white!!!)
  • NYC- Sidewalkers (I didnt have a light gray and it was 99¢)
  • NYC- Lexington Lilac
  • NYC- Tudor City Teal
  • Spoiled- Good Karma
  • Spoiled- Use Protection

I’m so excited to use these!!!

This post is getting kind of long, but I just wanted to end it by saying how excited I am for tomorrows mani. heres a small hint:

and by small, I mean gigantic.


2 thoughts on “Day 22- Inspired by A Song

    • Ill let you know! Haven’t really used it yet except for 2 lines on these nails so I have no opinion 😛 haha
      edit: i used it and i like it a lot better than the other one i have! still looking for “the one”

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