Day 20- Water Marble

I absolutely HATE water Marble. I also love it. sometimes. I love how it looks, I hate doing it. It takes forever and its frustrating and you waste literally GOBS of polish. I hate when I waste anything, let alone nail polish!!! Anyway, heres my water marble for today, I did it in CSUF colors because that is the school I am hoping to transfer to once I finish at the community college I am currently attending!


Yay blue and orange! Go Titans!

Here are 2 pictures of the “before clean up” nails. my clean up alone took about 30 minutes because I didnt put cuticle oil/vaseline on my nails before I did them. Ugh fail. 

Colors were:

Base Coat- Essie Grow Faster

Color Club-Nomadic in Nude as a background just in case color (you can see it in a half moon on my right thumb so im glad i used it! haha)

Sally Hansen- Sun Kissed

Color Mates- Blue Thunder

Top Coat Seche Vite


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