Day 17- Glitter

These pictures didnt actually turn out as terribly as i thought they would. I am working on a horror film for my film production class and I am in charge of props, so I was making blood and it got very messy and stained my hands. As a side note: two of the boys in my group decided to keep wiping their “bloody”hands on me, so my arms are also blood-stained and it looks like i have a rash or something. Not very fun…actually it was a blast. 

Anyway! for the glitter day, it was saint patricks day so of course it had to be green! it didnt turn out very well in the pictures, but it was very very sparkly in real life! i tried to capture the sparkle and it sorta worked i guess…

The colors i used were:

Love & Beauty- Glow in the Dark Yellow

Sally Hansen- Mint Sorbet

NYX- Prismatic Gold

Wet n Wild- *!!#!? (i dont know if that is the real name but thats what it says where the name would be so…)


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