Day 13- Animal Print

Today is animal print and I was just so excited for this one that i stayed up till midnight just to do my nails! I know, I have a problem. At least I accept it. Anyway, i have been planning this mani ever since day 1. I didnt want to do a typical animal print so i thought what else i could do, and i came up with this! I love turtles/tortoises, they are my favorite animal and pretty much everyone who knows me knows how much i love them, so of course i had to do turtle/tortoise shell pattern nails for animal print day! I went for the golden-brown desert tortoise look, and i have to say i am really happy with how it turned out and i will definitely be sad to take these off tomorrow! 😦 anyway, i’ve talked enough, take a look! Its a little picture heavy but i really liked them so deal with it 🙂 

the colors i used are

Revlon- Vincent Van Gold

Milani- Black Sketch

Nail Fetish- Icon

Unknown brand- Brown (its my oldest nail polish and the label is rubbed off, so idk what it is!)


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