Day 10- Gradient

For the gradient, i decided to go dark because of the brightness of the rainbow! i used Sation Seriously Slate and LA Colors Black Velvet. Sation Seriously Slate is Seriously pretty! i know its a grey-black color but it kind of reminds my of graphite and it has little shiny flecks and i really like it a lot!

this picture is just sation seriously slate,  no top coat. shiny and pretty!


here is my gradient, its very subtle, but i actually like it a lot!


i decided to add a matte top coat on it, i used OPI for Sephora’s Matte Top coat, it still has a little shine but it gives it a cool gunmetal look i think.





close up of the matte-ness


thumb, matte, but you cant see the gradient at all! i guess i souldve used a lighter gray as my base. oh well! 

this was the first time i ever did a gradient, so i think it turned out ok, although i should have used more contrasting colors! i learned how to do a gradient here if you would like to check it out on your own! 


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