Day 8- Metallic

I have to admit, I was very sad to remove the houndstooth that I worked so hard on!  I decided to just go with something simple today, and when i read the prompt, at first i was worried because i didn’t think i had anything metallic, but then i remembered this little bottle of silver from Claire’s and Julep Stefani, so i stopped worrying! the little bottle of silver from Claire’s is very old but the formula is still pretty decent, if a little gloppy. I decided to go simple and paint half with the Claire’s silver and half with Julep Stefani. Then i did a stripe of holo down the middle of each and added Revlon Milky Way on my ring finger on both hands. its the first time i have used it and i think it looks kind of  like broken CDs. pretty cool.

check it out:

i tried to show the shiny-ness haha 🙂

also, im just going to say now, i won’t be posting tomorrow. I work at a camp up in the mountains and there is no internet there, plus i probably wont even do my nails because i hae a job to do, and even on my breaks ill be studying for midterms! ill make it up on sunday! im sad because tomorrow is rainbow and thats always fun to do! I wish i could post, but theres really nothing i can do except que a post to post itself, but literally just thought of that so i dont have anything ready, and my camera battery died anyway. i think i’ll do that next weekend when im up there again. anyway, i hope everyone has a great day!

Ill see you sunday!


oh and if youre wondering:

Julep- Stefani

Claire’s- Silver

Revlon- Moon Candy

Top coat- Seche Vite

Base Coat- Essie Grow Faster


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