Day 6- Purple

i really liked today because purple is my favorite color!!! yay! and before you say anything, yes i know theres an animal print day and i should have waited to do these then a whatever but no. i have something much better planned! just you wait and see!

as you may or may not know, i have this blog on 2 different platforms (blogger and wordpress) because i was waiting to see which one i liked better, well i like blogger better for actually writing my posts because pictures are so much easier to see, and also it has more of an oppourtunity to check out my blogs stats and things, but i really like the social aspect of wordpress more. it is easier to tell when someone has liked one of my posts or commented on something on wordpress than it is on blogger. i ususally write my posts on blogger then copy and paste them into wordpress. i get more views on blogger, but more followers/likes/comments on wordpress. interesting!

anyway, the point of all this, if i do have a point… is that on wordpress yesterday i got a very exciting and awesome comment from rewdoesnails letting me know that she nominated me for a blog award! cool! so now i guess i have to write 7 facts about myself and then nominate some other people with great blogs i love to read? its a little confusing and im new to this, but thats what i got from it! i am going to put my 7 facts under my pictures, just to mix it up a little bit!

1. I am 18 and I go to a community college near my house, i might have mentioned that before, not sure….so you get an extra fact: i just got my drivers license (literally just got it last friday)
2. I have a wonderful boyfriend who I have been with since halloween 2011 and hes my best friend and he’s seriously the best but im not gonna get all mushy on you, besides he probably wont read this anyway, so whats the point! haha 😛
3. i love turtles! they are my favorite animal ever!! i have 3 tortoises and they are the cutest things ever. i love them so much ❤
4. i work at a girl scout camp called Camp Scherman, it is about 3 hours away from my house in southern california and it is basically my second home. i love everything about it. all of the counselors there go by “camp names” instead of our real names, and mine is “Turtle”of course!
5. speaking of Girl Scouts, I have been a Girl Scout for 13 years and i have earned my Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards. I am a lifetime member of the Girl Scouts and i am a firm believer in how much good being a Girl Scout can do for a girl!   
6. i can be quite a “grammar nazi” at times, i have been known to correct my friends and even people i dont know on multiple occasions, i guess it stems from the fact that my mom was an english teacher when i was born! for some reason though, i dont care much about capitalizing things like “i’s” when i write my blog posts, i hope that doesn’t bug anyone too much!
7. I am majoring in Human Services and minoring in film. i love helping people. i always have and i always will! i love to work with kids and make people feel better! if you ever need someone to talk to, im here for you! also i love film and photography and pretty much anything artsy!

wow i actually feel like i could go on! haha! i guess i just love talking about myself! oops! Okay, i hope you enjoyed those! i enjoyed painting them 🙂 so, now some nominations? okay here goes:

I’m not sure how many people i should nominate or if im even supposed to say why they are nominated, but just know that each of these blogs are ones that i really enjoy reading and interacting with, and you should really check them out!

so i think if i nominated you, you can write 7 facts about yourself and then nominate more people? i think thats how it works? i hope? even if you dont want to do this, im still promoting your blog so, yay for you! 🙂

this post has a lot of words. i should probably go to sleep soon!

Goodnight all, thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Day 6- Purple

  1. Thanks so much for nominating me! You’re so sweet!
    I never think to capitalize my I’s. Then sometimes I go back amd make them capitals because just like you, i wonder what other people think about it! Lol
    BTW, your purple nails look awesome!

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