A Little Something Extra

Hello again, my last post was getting really wordy and i wanted to add this in, but i didnt feel like making it even longer!

So as you may or may not know, i just moved and my life is crazy and i love my new room but most of my things are still packed away in boxes!

The other day i unpacked a random box because i made some room to put stuff away and i found an unused $40 amazon gift card from christmas! yay! so of course i spent it on nail things (what do you expect?)


I got Essie Grow Faster and Essie Grow LongerCND SolarOilEssie Millionail, 2 bottles of Seche Vite (so i could stop borrowing it from my little sister every single day!) and 3 crystal nail files!


well, the Millionail and grow faster came today, and when i opened up the grow faster it was such a pretty package and color and everything that it reminded me of melons and i opened it up and smelled it and i was not dissapointed and not suprised at all because it doesnt smell like melons and i didnt expect it to. i dont even know what i was thinking but whatever. dont jusge me! im still excited to have it, and i cant wait to try it.


i think im going to take the purple off and just put the grow faster base coat on now then wake up early and paint them tomorrow morning. at least that will motivate me to wake up early, because i am NOT going to school with naked nails, thats for sure!


has anyone used any of the products i got? i havent tried any of them yet (except for Seche Vite, i know im already in love, ive stolen it from my poor little sister so many times, and she was very happy when i showed her my purchase!)


please comment if you have tried any of these products, i would love to know your experiences!


talk to you tomorrow! 🙂


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