Day 2- Orange

Orange is definitely not my favorite color, but i actually really liked how this turned out. I had no orange polishes at all, so i went to Ulta Beauty Supply and bought one! I found it kind of funny because ulta’s logo and bags are orange too, so i guess it was a good orange day! 🙂 i havent eaten anything orange, but that might be taking it a little bit too far, dont you think? 


Anyway, for this mani i used Sally Hansen Sun Kissed for the orange and Love & Beauty Disco Ball for the big glitters, then i sprinkled some silver sparkle powder stuff i got in a julep box at one point on there to make the bottom glitter more concentrated. I realize i just made that seem a lot more complicated than it really was! I stayed up pretty late last night so i didnt want to put a lot of time/effort on these nails and plus, i dont really even like orange anyway. 






Tried to capture how much it sparkles. Disco Ball has large round holographic glitters and its sooo sparkly!



left thumb close up 🙂







with flash


i got an ulta rewards card, mainly just to take a picture of it to add on here !

Have a great day!


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