Black and Gold

These were my high school colors. I decided on a simple mani today because my nails are still super short and I don’t want to deal with trying to do something complicated on such a small workspace. 🙂 

also, I need to get to the store and buy new batteries for my camera so you’re just going to have to deal with iPhone pics for a while. Hopefully not too long! This post might look weird because I am making it from my phone since my computer at home currently has no Internet! 

The colors I used for this were 
Color Club Nomadic In Nude for a base coat,
Nail Fetish Icon is the gold,
And opi for sephora blasted black, 
With a top coat of savina base and top coat. I hope my Internet will come back soon! 

See ya!

❤ Emma 


please ignore the annoying preview thing. like i said, it was a screenshot! oops :/

need to get new camera batteries, these look better in real life!

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