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Day 30- Inspired by a Tutorial

Okay, so I guess I kind of cheated a bit on this one, its not something that REALLY needs a tutorial, but since my foils came in the mail, I looked up a tutorial so I could do these nails today… ;P 

I got them from and so far, i love them! they are awesome and sooo shiny and pretty! ah! 

tried to take some pictures that would show the shiney-ness

and here is a picture of all of the foils i got (5 ft in every little bottle)  and for just $25! yay! cant wait to use them all!

Colors Used:

Base Coat- Essie Grow Faster

Ice-Blue Crush

Ocean Mist

Gold Dots


oh and um heres the tutorial….


Day 29- Inspired by the Supernatural

Before I get to my nails of the day, I have 3 swatches for you really quick…from left to right: Spoiled The Parking Meteor Expired, Spoiled Deeper Dive, Spoiled Checkin’ Into Rehab. I got them all for $4 total! woohoo! I love all of them!

 okay now onto my supernatural nails:

I was going to do some sort of crop circle looking thing but I ended up just doing an “alien writing” type of thing, I guess I like it but it’s not my favorite.  


Base Coat: Essie Grow Faster

Unnamed brown polish with the brand name rubbed off so i have no idea

Spoiled- My Parking Meteor Expired

Top Coat- Seche Vite

Day 28- Inspired by a Flag

Today’s mani was inspired by the Bosnian flag! I have no connection to this flag (that I know of) I just think it looks pretty cool!

thats it, just a simple post today, I guess I just dont feel particularly talkative!


Base Coat- Essie Grow Faster

Wet N Wild- Saved By the Blue

Color Mates- Golden Sunshine

Top Coat- Seche Vite

Day 27- Inspired by Art



This manicure’s title is “inspired by art” and this is kind of a stretch, but if it really bothers you, you need to re-think your choices in life. I am in a video production class at my school, and we have a film due today that we have been working on since March 6, and I am very excited for it! Its a modern suspense film, more horror i guess (think Tarantino). Our professor tells us over and over again that film is one of the hardest art forms there is, and that is totally true. All of the people in my film crew worked so hard to make this happen, and I’m really excited for it to be shown in class later today!

Anyway, back to my nails. The horror film, called “The Dark Room” has inspired me to paint my nails all bloody and gory looking for our little “premeire” in class later.


Not gonna lie, I would definitely be creeped out if I saw someone with nails like this….oh well, maybe it will give me a chance to talk about my film! 😉

Colors Used:

Base Coat- Essie Grow Faster

Revlon- Red Bikini

Color Club- Cadillac Red

Watercolor Paints

Wet N Wild- French White Créme (which I used for the first time today…I do like it a lot better than the other white I have, but my search for a really good white that I like to use definitely is not over yet.)

Top Coat- Seche Vite

Day 25- Inspired by Fashion

I am terrible at “fashion” I have never really been able to tell if anything is in or out or why, the only fashionable thing about me is my nails, and I can tell when colors match or look good together. I guess the “artsy” side of fashion I understand, but trends and wierd styles of clothes and all that goes way over my head! I guess that explains why I was stressed for today, because I had absolutely no idea how I was going to do my nails inspired by fashion!

I trusted google with my decision, and i searched “spring 2013 fashion” I considered typing March fashion, because it all changes so quickly, but I still found some pretty cool things, which I would probably never wear outside of walking down a runway. Which aint happening for me, let me just say that right now! I typed “wearable spring 2013 fashion” and that was just what I wanted! I found a pretty nude colored dress with a cool neckline, and then I painted a design that reminded me more of a blouse than any dress, but hey, those are back in style now too right? sure.



Base Coat- Essie Grow Faster

Essie- Jazz

Revlon- 24K

Milani- Black Sketch (which is getting dry and clumpy, makes no sense, ive only had it since Christmas, whaaaaaat)

Top Coat- Seche Vite

Day 24- Inspired by A Book

for today, i googled “cool book covers” and picked one that i liked. I have always been a big reader, but i didnt want to try too hard after yesterdays mani. ive had a long day and i am totally ready for bed! good night!


Base Coat- Essie Grow Faster

NYC- Tudor City Teal

Milani- Black Sketch

Nail Art- White

Top Coat- Seche Vite


This morning I discovered a very dangerous web site. it is called and it is very dangerous because they have many nail art things for only $1!!! the catch is you have to buy at least $25 worth of products, but it is totally worth it!!! I recently discovered Ciaté Colorfoil nail art kit and I thought it looked really cool, but Im not willing to pay $19 for it! at I bought more foil/adhesive than that kit has and it was a lot cheaper! I probably bought 3 kits worth of foil for what it would cost for sephora to ship me just one! Look out for nail foil art from me in the near future!!