Random Nail Picture Dump

So i was looking through the thousands of random pictures i should have sorted a long time ago and i found some nail pictures so i think im just going to dump them here 🙂

my nails form Fourth of July 2012, its a screenshot from my phone! i couldnt figure out how to crop it i guess. oops! (white is nyc french white tip and the red and blue are brandless polishes from big lots)
some plaid colorful thing i did in like august? maybe…

(i believe the blue is either OPI slushied or illamasqua serenity, the white is nyc french white tip, the rest of the colors are from brandless stripers from the dollar store)

this is what i currently have on my nails, inspired by a few different people. i wish i could find the links but i cant :/ ill edit this post and post them if i happen to find those blogs again… (blue is illamasqua serenity and pink is color club, but i dont know the name)
I just moved and while i was moving i cut my nails kind of short and packed away all of my polish except these 2 colors (wet n wild disturbia and on a trip i believe…really bad lighting)
this is what happens when i get striping tape and only have 2 colors and no remover! a fat chunky mess. yikes. i picked this off because i couldnt stand it anymore. (same colors as the above picture, even though it doesnt look like it. Lighting can do wonders)
i got 2 julep polishes for $5 woohooooo 🙂 (black is julep Stefani and pink is julep Lynn with holo striping tape)
galaxy nails! another iphone screenshot…. (and i dont even know what colors i used for this, sorry!)
so in november, i did this thing with one of my best friends. its called the color run and basically you run a 5k (or walk if you want) and they throw colored powder at you, it is incredibly fun. these are the nails i did for the run, you cant tell very well, but they are all covered in a holo top coat and then all of the glitter was also holo so it was sparkling all over the place!
after the color run was over, we were covered in lots of different colors and then we went into this mosh pit of teal and this is how my hands (and pretty much the rest of me) ended up. i looked kind of like  a lizard! yikes!

heres some more color run pictures just because it was so great:

a bunch of people throwing color up in the air
right after we ran!
and this is after we went in the mosh pit of teal and then went back to her dorm. yes, we walked through the  streets of San Diego like this.
im lizard woman!

if you are interested in doing the color run, just go to http://thecolorrun.com/ they have 5ks all over the US! Its sooo fun! i really reccomend it!

okay thats all of the random nail photos i have found (so far) plus the random color run tangent! hope you enjoyed! haha 🙂



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