Throwback Thursday: Psych

I was looking through some old pictures circa 2010? or maybe 2011? not sure, but i found these nails that i did for the season premiere of the tv show Psych. It’s one of my favorite shows. probably my second favorite (with Dr. Who and Sherlock tied in first place, dont ask me to choose between the two) so a few years ago i did Psych themed nails and here they are! keep in mind this was before i learned about cleaning up the nails and making it look good and even before i had a decent camera/lighting and everything! This was when i first started to get into doing nails, so i didnt even have good art brushes or  even polish!  I should try to recreate these now that i have more tools and knowledge. 🙂

The TV show logo on one hand

heres the actual logo 🙂 i think i did a pretty good job if i say so myself



Juliet, SBPD, and Lassiter (hes holding a gun but you cant see it in this picture)







the pictures i probably based these on 🙂


Right thumb, Shawn. ooh im cringing at how messy this is! yikes! and how short my nail is! it would break all the time because i didnt take care of my hand! eek!

this isnt the picture i based this on because he was wearing an orange shirt under his green shirt but whatever. small details. you get the picture


and on my other thumb, Gus. i liked this one a lot. 




As for the polish i used, the white is NYC French White Tip and literally EVERYTHING else is acrylic paint. and no basecoat. yikes. and i think i used sally hansen mirror shine top coat because thats all i used before i magically discovered seche vite and savina base coat. 

so there you go, a blast from the past. I seriously love this show so much. i really want to do Dr. Who nails though. expect that in the near future. the very near future.




5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Psych

  1. I love Psych! Actually, I`ve rewatched seasons, especially the first few. But the logo in the window is orange, not green. Unless the newest season changed it? I`ve only seen what`s on Netflix instant, not the most recent seasons.

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