Valentines Day Nails

This post won’t be very long because I have a ton of journalism homework that I haven’t done yet, but i decided to do some nails for valentines day! Im excited this year because this will be my 2nd Valentines day with my wonderful boyfriend, and this year we will actually get to spend it together, (last year he had a choir concert thing and he was either on stage or running around doing other things the whole time.) This year, the choir thing is tomorrow (the 12th) so we are both free on the 14th! yay! 





For this mani I used julep Lynn for the light pink and NYC Fuchsia Shock for the hot pink, and then some striping tape i found cheap on amazon for the stripes (obviously) 🙂 


Also, side note, my cuticles are looking a LOT better due to moisturizing them and using cuticle oil over the past week! yay! thank you Cynthia! 🙂


alright ill see you all later, gotta go finish up that homework! 🙂


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