I had a job interview on friday and i wore a shirt with a bluish watercolor kind of design on it so i tried watercolor nails to go with it. Honestly, i dont like how they turned out and they came off soon after. i wouldve liked it better i think if i didnt use white. i really dont like white manicures, i just dont think it looks good. it reminds me of the liquid paper manicures everyone would give themselves in middle school and i always thought that looked terrible and disgusting so i guess that feeling carried over to white manicures!

anyway, to get this look i painted a line of blue on the tip and then used acetone and a paintbrush and painted strokes going down. i really like the watercolor effect, just not so much the colors i used. i guess there was just too much white for me to handle!


with flash


different angle



BTW, the blue is Julep Michelle, and the white is NYC french white tip. 


Fun Fact: NYC french white tip is the only white brand name nail polish i have ever had…i dont know why, i dont particularly like it, it just happens to be cheap and at the store whenever i need a new white polish! 


which is not very often.



Catch ya later! 🙂



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