I havent posted for way too long!!! I have been so busy with moving and school that I havent even really had time to do my nails, let alone take pictures! Plus, all of my polish is already at my new house, so this is the most artsy thing ive done in a while… :/ 


anyway, I used Julep Michelle (the dark blue) and Candie’s Mighty Mint (for the accent nail) and Savina base and top coat for the top coat.  

photographed inside by a window, natural light. You can sort of see my reflection haha!

this one is my favorite picture. taken indoors with natural light and flash


natural light and flash 


ooh a different pose….fancy


it was just a dot on the accent nail then it smeared a little when i tried to but the top coat on and i liked it so i smeared it on purpose 😀 haha


and the final picture….my high tops making a cameo appearance in the background.



Winter Formal is  coming up this weekend and I have some REALLY COOL nails planned! i just hope they work. probably gonna pain them tomorrow or friday (the dance is friday night) 

but i’ll post them asap!



Dont be afriad to leave comments. i really like comments. please talk to meeee! 





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