Giveaway Musings

I really want to do a giveaway! I think once I get to 20 followers im going to do a little mini giveaway just because! Please let people know about it and follow me if you are interested! 🙂

This is a test

Hi! I am trying to be more active with my posts and i want to get to know people better! I am trying to figure out which blogging platform is better so i have one blog on wordpress (this one) and one on blogger (go here: so i will be posting things on both of them (probably copy/pasting most entries until i decide which i like better! If you have a personal favorite blog site or reasons why you like one more than another, please let me know! thank you!

Elegant Nails

Elegant Nails

thats the only name i can think of to call these nails. the pictures aren’t very good, they look wayyy better in person. the color is a peachy gold but it turns more pearly when you turn it different ways…kind … Continue reading